• DMV

Where is the Courthouse?
The Adams County Courthouse address is 500 West 4th Street. Located two blocks East of Burlington Avenue on 5th Street.

Where do I get a Title made for my new car?
Titles are issued by the Adams County Treasurer. The Treasurers Office is located in the Courthouse.
If two names are on a title separated by and/or, can one owner sign off as the seller?
No, when transferring a vehicle, all owners must sign off their name(s) as they appear on the face of the title.
What documents do I need to register my new vehicle?
You must have the title, sales tax form and/or bill of sale, proof of liability insurance, previous registration from trade-in vehicle if applicable. If the vehicle title is held by a lien holder this information may have been previously processed, you would need to verify by calling the Treasurer's Office at 402-461-7120

Can I get a estimate on what it will cost to tax and license my new vehicle or a renewal of my current vehicle?
Taxes are determined by a MSRP value of the vehicle, based on the year and make. A estimate of cost can be given if you have the VIN# of the Vehicle, additional information may be needed.  Use to calculate your estimate.
I have sold my car, can I get a refund on my current registration?
Yes, the owner of the vehicle may apply for a refund on the unused portion of the Registration Fees, Motor Vehicle Tax and Fees. You must return the current plates and registration. If you do not have these items lost fees may apply.

I have purchased a new vehicle with a trade of my old vehicle, can I transfer the plates?
Yes, if the vehicle types are the same and your plate series is the current issue. Credit from your previous vehicle will be applied if they have not yet expired.

Is there a penalty for late renewal of a vehicle?
The Treasurer's office has no penalty for late renewal. However, when renewing later than the expiration date this does not extend the expiration period to a new month. It will remain in the month it expired. Also, a vehicle is subject to fine by local law enforcement while it is not currently registered.

What is the rate of sales tax for Nebraska?
As of October 1st, 2002 the state sales tax is 5.5% of the purchase price less any trade.

What is the rate of sales tax for the City of Hastings?
As of April 1st, 2003 the city sales tax is 1.5% plus state sales tax of 5.5% for a total of 7.0% of the purchase price less any trade.

Where do I sign a title when I am selling a vehicle?
When transferring a vehicle, all owners must sign off their name(s) as they appear on the face of the title. Make sure you are not using the Dealer Reassignment area. If you are unsure call the Treasurer's office for assistance at 402-461-7120. Any errors may void a Title and additional fees may be incurred.

Is a Odometer reading required on a Title transfer?
Vehicles that are ten years or older can have the mileage exempted. However, if the mileage is know it is better to include it on the title, once it has been exempted it can not be returned to a numeric value. This may effect collector vehicles.

Where Can I get In-transit for my new vehicle?
In-transit decals are issued by a Licensed Dealer only. If the vehicle is not purchased at a Dealership, then you would need to carry the assigned title and proof of ownership in the vehicle at all times. This will need to be available at the request of law enforcement along with proof of insurance.

How can I get more information not given here?
By contacting the Adams County Treasurer's Office at 402-461-7120